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ATM Services

Doughboy’s, Inc. ATM services include sales, placement, cash management, maintenance and vendor management.  We sell and support only those ATM manufacturers proven in quality and reliable equipment.  We can provide you with a low maintenance, high quality ATM at a competitive price.  For our Banking Partners we provide: Vendor management, Bank branding, Online Real-Time Access to daily and monthly terminal reporting at a fair price.

Permanent Services

We can help your customers with their cash needs while generating extra revenue for your business!!!

Why worry with the headaches of owning your own ATM?  Doughboy’s, Inc. does it all for you - no management headaches, no cash requirements, and you can earn residual revenue each month, starting with the very first transaction. 

Considering an ATM in today's market place can be confusing.  How do you determine what company and which option is right for you?  Simple, you start with the company and the reputation behind them.  The Doughboy’s offer our customers piece of mind in ATM services available today.  We believe in a straightforward honest approach that best serves you. 


Our services include: 

  • Professional On-site installation
  • Complete ATM hardware
  • ATM transaction processing
  • Telecommunications services (telephone or data line to process transactions)
  • ATM Maintenance Services
  • Ongoing transaction processing, settlement and reporting services
  • Web based access to transaction reports for multi-location corporate customers

For Our Completely Managed ATM Service, Let us

  • Provide and install our ATM at your location
  • Provide armored cash loading service
  • Provide Repair and Maintenance
  • Brand the ATM with Bank Logo option
  • Provide 24/7 ATM monitoring
  • Provide residual revenue to your business

For our Merchant Turnkey ATM Service, you;

  • Receive 100% of the surcharge
  • On-line access to reporting option
  • You provide vault cash and phone line
  • Lease options available


In addition to permanently placed ATM’s, Event ATM’s are becoming a larger part of our business.  The Doughboy’s began Event ATM placement in 2001.  The Doughboys place freestanding or trailer units (wireless or wire line) at temporary events (festivals, carnivals, fairs).  We provide ATMs as needed to meet the needs of your event.  And we offer the option to share with the event in the revenue generated from our ATM placement.  Prior to your event we request a walk-through of the site to be sure we have our ATM locations detailed with respect to security, electrical power, phone lines if necessary, protection from the weather, safe parking for our staff and to meet our on-site point of contact. Our goal is to provide assurance to our customers ATMs are one aspect of your business you do not have to worry about during your busy event schedule.   

Please call us toll free at 1-888-287-4490 or Email us at DBI@dough-boys.com

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